Russian black terrier Baloven Sudby ot Zenitsy Oka shows himself as a great sire. His children are well shown all over the world winning the rings in different regions of Russia, close and far abroad. He gives to his children stabily not only his great exterrior but also his show courage and his excellent working abilities. Our kennel is diveloping, new children are delivering. We are paying close attention not only to our dogs' exterrior, but also to their health, character and working abilities.

Absolutely all of our sires pass full course of traning and pass the exams. Also dogs which are used in our kennel breedings are x-rayed to check for desplasy results. In our breeding we use only healthy dogs with good psyhic.

We are very thankful to all the brt-owners for their love to our pets! For the persistence in overcoming the difficulties on the way to success!



11-15.01.2013 - Новости из-за океана, США,Окала

Прекрасный выставочний старт наших собак в США

Арабика Черный Принц (Талисман Черный Принц & Русская Красавица из Сердца Моего) - Чемпион США

Бренд Черный Принц (Артист из Последних Ангелов & Санта Мария Черный Принц) - Кандидат в Чемпионы США

Бессаме Муччо (Артист из Последних Ангелов & Санта Мария Черный Принц) - Кандидат в Чемпионы США

 Молодцы детишки!!! Так держать!!!
Сердечные поздравления шлем их хозяевам!!! Молодцы!!!
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