Standard of Black Terrier

Did you decide to lead the dog?

And you don’t know on what breed to choose? To this question it is needed to be attentive. In more detail to familiarize with dignities and lacks of that breed You have choose. In fact a lot of  people decide to acquire dog which pleased by sight, not knowing what their purposes are.  Very often buying a dog at the pet market you buy a "pig in a poke." My to you kind advice, for the receipt of authentic information apply in Cynological Union of Ukraine or to the leaders of kennels (but not to a breeder, as a breeder is owner of a bitch which have a brood, and at the kennel processing pedigree work on the basis of male dog and no less than five bitches with special additional conditions). 

If Your choice was fallen on the Russian black terrier, this information about a breed will be interesting for you.

Black terrier – strong, big, fearless, but very beautiful dog, having an aristocratic exterior and nobleness. A black terrier is suitable for maintenance in an apartment and on a summer residence area. This real aristocrat can adorn the interior of any apartment. Though its large size the dog occupies a small area, does not disturb, doesn’t annoy.

Dog is very attached to the owner and to his family. Give to training easily. A black terrier is active, accompanies its owner in the protracted walks with pleasure, endures heat and cold easily, likes swimming. 

The dogs of this breed are universal, befit for single and for families with children, for a sportsman and for people who prefer sedentary life.  With every year popularity of black terrier grows, there are a lot of admirers of this breed. And it is clear. Because it is in fact impossible not to pay attention on it. A lot of people was fascinated by this dog at first sight and decided to purchase it without planning.

A bit about history of breed. This breed was selected in the USSR by stud method. After Great Patriotic war the amount of guard dogs in a country was cutting down, and a necessity remained high. The group of Central school of official dog-breeding under the direction of Medvedev G.P. set to work on the breeding such kind of dog that was intended for a guard.  

There was a following requirements to the breed: large size, strength, endurance, unpretentiousness, good health, excellent scent and balanced type of the nervous system. Dogs must were maintain the different weather terms of different climatic zones. The special attention was directed on such guard breeds is Giant schnauzer, Rottweiler, Airedale, Moscow Newfoundland. A great amount of dogs was got in fiftieth years.

In 1981 by the order of Ministry of agriculture the USSR pedigree group the "Black terrier" was ratified as an independent breed. In 1984 on the International assembly in Mexico the breed was acknowledged by FCI, and the standard of the Russian black terrier was confirmed by the International Cynological federation under the number 327.

Standard of black terrier: the dog is more tall  than the average, strong, has a massive skeleton and musculature. Strong, rough type. Height for male dogs: 66-72 cm, for bitches: 64-70 cm. Height for male dogs higher 74 cm considers as defect. Colour is black, black with a grey hair. Brown or grey colour, reddish or white spots are also defects. Teeth are large, white, adjoining close to each other. Corner teeth are located in one line. Normal bite. Hair is rough, hard, densely adjoining. Front and back extremities are straight and parallel between each other. Movements are free, smooth, light.

In 1996 The Russian federation of guard dog-breeding, the Russian Cynological federation accepted the second variant of standard which acts only in Russia. This standard differs from the standard accepted FCI only by insignificant changes in height. Preferable height for male dogs is 68-74 cm, for bitches is 66-72 cm. Lower limit of height for male dogs is 66 cm. For bitches – 64 cm. Exceeding of top limit of height on 3 cm is permitted. 
It is often said that the top limit of height is annulled. It’s not true, but some negligent breeders are trying to substitute pedigree defect for a pure-bred puppy.

If you really like this breed, buy it for yourself and for your family without any hesitation!

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