Thiorny Prints kennel is managed by Lyudmila Lameko. We breed Russian Black Terriers.

Our kennel is famous not only in Ukraine but far abroad. We count 8 studbitches in our kennel, also 4 of their young daughters live with us. Wecount also 8 stud dogs. Young males are growing up.

Most of our dogs are scients of the famous female Germiona Bars. We oftenuse bloods of Glafira or Gosha ot Zenitsy Oka, which were received as aresult of such an interesting inbreeding as on the study Germeiona Bars x Oliver, which were really very mighty dogs.

As a result of our well thought over breeding policy we have the best dogsin Ukraine, as well as also in East and West Europe, which repeatedlydefended honour of the kennel at the biggest exhibitions in CIS and Europewhere our pupils adequately gain victories over the most hard competition to the best representatives of the breed - Russian black terrier.

You are free to contact us through
or by phones:
+38 (044) 451-54-16 - home phone
+38 (050) 101-19-21 - cell.ph.
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